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About Us.

We're here to motivate and inspire. We want to give you the ability to transform your home's appearance, feel, and smell—and we want you to do it all with candles. We have something for everyone, whether you're looking for living room decorations or wedding ceremony decorations. Our candles can be used to create a beautiful holiday centerpiece, an upscale romantic restaurant setting, unity candles for a wedding, or a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Our Mission.

You have every right to be proud of your home! We understand that you're probably already working hard to keep your home in good condition, but we also understand that it's sometimes nice to just relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. That is why we started Legacy Candle. We want to inspire creativity and add a personal touch to any home. It's the ideal present for anyone who adores their home.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Great Find!

"This is my personal favorite candle. I keep buying them and burning them down and buying them again. The candle was also well-packaged and burns extremely well. Great find!"

Ashton C.

Better Than Expected.

"I gave this candle to my mom, and she adores it. Smells fantastic. I will definitely repurchase in the future. I got a few and placed them in my room. Better than expected."

Sandra M.

Best candles we've had!

"We use candles for a variety of purposes. One of them is making memorial candles, as well as decorating them to match the room they are in. Best candles we've had!"

Haley & Bob D.

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